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Resetting Chronicle

How to reset a Chronicle Helm deployment

Warning: This will delete all data in the Chronicle deployment.

Chronicle, and the underlying Sawtooth network, store their data in Persistent Volumes. These volumes, and therefore the data, will persist even if the containers are stopped and restarted.

The following steps will reset all data and start Chronicle from scratch.

  1. Uninstall the Chronicle deployment:

    helm uninstall <deployment-name>
  2. Delete the Chronicle Persistent Volume Claims.

    kubectl delete pvc -l release=<deployment-name>
  3. Delete the Chronicle Persistent Volumes.

    kubectl delete pv -l release=<deployment-name>

Next you need to delete the Sawtooth data. This is done by changing the value of Genesis Seed in your values.yaml file. This will cause Sawtooth to delete all existing data and keys on startup, then rerun genesis.

The Sawtooth helm chart, which is a dependency of the chronicle-on-sawtooth chart, sets a default value for sawtooth.genesis.seed

If you set a new random string for the genesis seed in your values.yaml file this will override the default value.

      seed: ef9350c8-abd8-45a1-a85c-2973652bb06e

Note, you must save your new genesis seed value, and make sure it is included your values.yaml file for any further helm operations, as if it is not present, the default value will be used, causing your data to be reset again.

Finally, you can reinstall the Chronicle deployment:

helm install <deployment-name> -f values.yaml btp-stable/chronicle-on-sawtooth