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Chronicle Overview

Chronicle records provenance information of any physical or digital asset on a distributed ledger to ensure that it is tamper-proof; and is available with Hyperledger Sawtooth as its default backing ledger, with support for other industry-leading distributed ledgers in the pipeline and a useful in-memory mode for rapid development of provenance applications.

Chronicle is built on the W3C's PROV Ontology specification, which provides a foundation to implement provenance applications in various domains that can represent, exchange, and integrate provenance information generated by multiple parties, in different systems, and under diverse contexts.

Chronicle leverages the data query and manipulation language GraphQL, providing a comprehensive description of, and easy access to all provenance data from a single endpoint. Alternatively, there is a command-line interface (CLI) for integration with enterprise legacy systems.

Chronicle is a domain-agnostic offering, however, it is easily configurable to enable users to capture provenance information for a range of applications or use cases such as the traceability of artwork, critical infrastructure, food items, medical devices, precious metals, or real estate, just to mention a few.

Chronicle can be easily deployed with SUSE Rancher, to facilitate its deployment and ongoing management, as well as its integration with enterprise systems. Our flexible deployment options include multi-cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments, leveraging the industry-leading container orchestration tool Kubernetes.