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Chronicle Architecture

Chronicle is an API toolkit that can be customized to your provenance domain and easily deployed to Kubernetes along with a distributed ledger using Sextant.

Chronicle and Distributed Ledgers

When deployed with Sawtooth, Chronicle has two components - the transaction processor, responsible for ensuring provenance recorded by Chronicle does not contradict itself, and Chronicle running as a domain-specific GraphQL API. Multiple Chronicle domains can share the same Sawtooth ledger and transaction processor, and other Sawtooth applications can also make use of the same ledger being used for provenance. Chronicle, Sawtooth, and the Chronicle transaction processor can all scale independently within a Kubernetes cluster.


Chronicle for Your Domains

Chronicle is supplied as a docker build image and requires the creation of a domain model and CI / CD to build a domain-specific API. This build image is completely self-contained, requires no network access for dependencies, and can be used in secure environments.


Stand-alone Chronicle

For friction-free development and testing, without the need for a backend ledger, domain-specific versions of Chronicle can be built in the same CI / CD process as your production version.


Chronicle as a CLI

For ETL and legacy integration scenarios where it is impractical to create a GraphQL client application, Chronicle can record provenance from its CLI. Deployment is similar to when operating as a GraphQL server, but your application code must execute in the same container as Chronicle. This kind of deployment can operate side by side with GraphQL.